Single-Ply Fortune TPO Membranes for Flat Roofs

Single-Ply Fortune TPO Membranes & Preparatory Materials

Polisystem membranes are the final synthesis of years of experience developed in the world of plastic materials, specifically with polyolefins for use in the waterproofing sector.

Polisystem TPO Single-Ply Membranes

The polyolefins are derived from the polymerisation of unsaturated olefin hydrocarbons obtained from the refining of petroleum products.
Polypropylene in its crystalline and amorphous form, which Polisystem modifies

using a patented technology and elastomisers belong to this group of products. For several decades small quantities of polypropylene have been used in bituminous membranes to give a continuous structure.
Polisystem membranes are based on polyolefins; these provide all the specific characteristics, which give the products resistance to atmospheric agents, durability, and high mechanical performances at low temperatures (-40°C) and at high temperatures (+140°C).